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moallem Boulevard project

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the project

One year is a short time to deliver the houses compared to other construction companies.also the prices are fixed at each stage of pre-sale for the buyer and will not include an increase in housing prices, and this is our advantage over other projects.

Many scientific and field studies have been done for the area of ​​the units. To summarize, The smaller the sooner they’ll be bought and sold, so the buyers' concerns go away. usually, the demand for small units is high but the supply of these units is lower than the demand. So our team has decided to build its units with the understanding of this need of the society so that in addition to filling this gap, it can guarantee the buyers that the units are worth it. Another thing to note is that the Tally team is trying to reach people who want to live in luxury homes with all the amenities but can not afford to buy units in luxury towers in the north of the city. They can own a luxury unit in this complex at a very low cost.

According to the latest instructions for pre-sale units, it is not allowed to issue a tracking code for pre-sold units, and the contract must be signed in a notarized manner, which is completely safe and has a higher security factor.

 Tali Park, due to its unique features, is completely different from the surrounding complexes, which makes its buyers from all over Tehran and even outside of Tehran. For example, many of our buyers are from surrounding cities that use these units for the times they come to Tehran instead of going to the hotel. Tali Park becomes a distinct and special brand in Tehran after the operation, which does not belong to a specific region. Of course, considering all these cases, the price of these units is in a reasonable range compared to the region, which due to the added value of this complex, the prices will increase soon after the operation.

Our most important guarantee for our buyers is the history of the company. Our suggestion to eliminate your doubts is to first check the records of the company and see the previous projects. We have lived up to our commitments and in some cases even exceeded our commitments that you can check on this project and even ask buyers. Because of trust, many previous investors have invested in this project as well. Another thing that can assure you is that the land of the company is in the name of Aria Sazeh Tali Company. We are both the owner, the builder and We are also a seller, which secures your investment. Another thing is that the company signs a notarized contract with you, which is the safest type of pre-sale contract. You can also find out about the project growth and progress every day through the project site and social networks.

At present, due to exchange rate fluctuations and the impact it has on materials and housing construction prices, it is very difficult to predict. But keep in mind that we forecasted that when the units are delivered, the price of the units will reach a maximum of 20 million Tomans, but now, considering that 12 months has left since the delivery of the remaining units, we have exceeded 20 million. So you can guess what valuable profit you will get overtime. You should not forget that the region has a lot of potential for price growth. Due to the lack of proper growth in previous years, small units will usually have a higher price increase than other units.

Contrary to your expectations, the tower will not be crowded because the units are small and special people will live there, a single person or a couple or a couple with one child, so in total, the tower is even less crowded than other towers with units. In terms of discipline, keep in mind that if the focus of the Tali team is 10% on construction and sales, 90% is on the tower management after the operation, because this tower is the company's record for future projects. The Tower Commonwealth Office will remain with Aria Sazeh Tali itself, and the buyer will first sign a statute that deals with discipline and how to select the board of directors and their duties, resolve disputes, and more. We will even use forces with hotel management experience to better manage the tower.

We forecast that at the time of delivery of the units, the rent of the units is about 9 million Tomans and this is enough for us.

No, it is a reasonable cost. We determined a fair charge here. Charges are paid only for commons that are public, such as motorhomes, elevators, green spaces, etc., but for other facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, .... Charges will be charged according to your usage. If you do not use them, no money will be received.

It does not belong to any organ. It is a private joint-stock company and the land belongs to Aria Sazeh Tali Company. It is the owner, builder, and seller of the company.

We have several projects under consideration, and one of those projects will start construction in the next few months. But if you want to invest, you can also buy these units and then sell them, or the company will do the sales work for you then invest in our new project.

Yes. Our latest project is the Tali commercial residential project located in Madar Square at Ray city, which was delivered on January 30, and is one of the most luxurious complexes in the region, but in a larger area with a swimming pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi facilities. We had other projects in previous years, but this project is our most special project in small areas with more facilities.

Technical questions

The system is in the form of a central engine room (chiller and boiler), with a ceiling fan coil.

The project building is designed to withstand earthquakes with a magnitude of at least 8 Richter, in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.

Tali Group has a special emphasis on observing the rules and requirements, and consequently, in this project, it acts are following the same view.

In the construction of the frame and roof, the highest quality concrete and the highest types of internal rebars have been used. For wall masonry, wallcrete panels have been used as a new and special material of one of the most prestigious holdings in the country, and for joinery materials, the use of first-class interior materials is in the opinion of the project designers, and in some cases, the upgrade of materials will be possible by paying the difference from the buyers.

Despite the completion date stated in the initial schedule (July 2022), at present, the project, on the contrary to most Iranian projects, has acceleration on the agenda, and in the latest edition, August 2022, has been approved as the completion time.

For wastewater disposal, absorption wells, connection to the city system, is provided.

Modern combined facade; cement, stone, and glass.

 first-class Iranian ceramics or at the request of buyers; parquet

The cabinet is offered in sales types no.2 and will be of MDF type, with steel sink, along with electric stove and hood.

Wallcrete panels used in masonry are considered as excellent insulation for sound and heat.

The area where the building is located has no faults and the closest fault to the project is Ray city, which is a long distance from the building. Besides, in none of the maps describing the seismicity of different areas of Tehran, the location has been evaluated risky.

There is no high voltage power tower in the project area.

No watercourse has been seen or reported near the project.

Naturally, according to its characteristics, the project will be obliged to obtain the approval of the fire alarm and extinguishing system from the fire and safety organization, and accordingly, the mentioned systems will be designed and implemented.

The traffic in the area where the project is located is evaluated as relatively light and smooth compared to the average traffic in Tehran.

In addition to easy access to Ayatollah Saeedi and Fath highways, proximity to Tamasha Cinema Campus, Ghiasi Hospital, Ghaem Park, Women's Park, Yaftabad Mobile, and Furniture Bazaars and proximity to banks, and various shops are the desirable features of the project.

Due to the occurrence of the project in the main street and the vicinity of one of the key squares in the southwest of Tehran, its local security is at an acceptable level.

 to Nematabad metro station, with vehicles, is about eight minutes, and of course, in the vicinity of the project, there is a bus station.

as the answer to the neighborhood security question, the neighborhood cleanliness is at an acceptable level.

Due to the area between the building and the main street, the privacy of the neighborhood, and the material of the walls of the building, the street noise will not disturb the residents of the project.